• How much does it cost to rent the apartment?

    The weekly rental fee for the apartment is 920 euros (7 nights). Additional nights are prorated. Contact us for longer stays, we will work with you.
  • How much is it if I stay 9 nights?
    The apartment is rented at a prorated rate after the first week.
    9 nights = weekly rental of 920 euros + two prorated nights = 1,183 euros.

  • How much is it if I only need 6 nights?
    The apartment is rented for a minimum of 7 nights. So even if you only need 6 nights, the charge is still 920 euros. We recommend nearby hotels if you only need to stay a few days in the area. Hotel du Bresil (cheap, only 2 stars) and Hotel Les Jardins Du Luxembourg (cozy yet very nice property and people, across the street) are two solid alternatives.

  • Do I need to pay a tourist tax?
    Yes. It is only a few euros (but under 5 euros) and will be added to your invoice.
    Some people might be eligible for a reimbursement, which you would have to request and process through the City Government. 
  • What is the minimum number of nights that I can reserve? The apartment is rented on a weekly basis (7 nights).  
  • How is the apartment equipped?
    Please read the specs section of this site, but it is fully equipped ☺
  • Must we bring our own linen?
    No, we equipped the apartment with all the necessary household linens.
  • Does the apartments have an internet connection?
    Yes, It is with a Wi-Fi internet connection. Do not forget, if you want to connect, to bring your own computer.
  • Is there a telephone in the apartment?
    Yes, but only for incoming calls. We will give you the number for your friends and family to call you there, upon your arrival. 
  • Can one smoke in the apartments?
    No. Out of respect for each of us and our environment, this is a strictly non-smoking apartment.
  • Are pets allowed?
    No. Pets are not allowed in rental apartments in Paris. Sorry, we can't make an exception to this rule. 
  • Are the bathrooms stocked with welcome toiletries?
    Please remember to bring your own toiletries, but we keep a small inventory to help you on your first night.
  • Will we find cleaning products in the apartments?
    Yes. You are required to leave the apartment in the same state of cleanliness in which you found it. We, therefore, supply you with the necessary products.
  • Is breakfast provided?
    Breakfast is not included in the rental fee, but there is a bakery directly across the street from the building ☺
  • Must we wash our sheets before leaving?
    No, we'll take care of it.
  • What is meant by: "Leave the apartment in the same condition in which you found it?"
    That means no deterioration, no damages, no breakage. That means empty garbage bins, dishes cleaned and put away, floors swept.
  • Can we prolong our stay once we are there?
    If the apartment is available, it will be a pleasure to accommodate your request. However, it is advisable to plan ahead, as the apartment is very much in demand.
  • Where do we get keys?
    A representative from APTinParis will meet you at the apartment, most likely the owner, Graciela Plouin. You will have informed us, beforehand, of your precise arrival time. At the time of your booking confirmation, we will send you the details of how/where to retrieve the keys.
  • Can we pay the balance of the apartment with a credit card when we arrive at the apartment?
    At the apartment, the balance of your stay can only be paid in cash, in euros only. Prior to your arrival, an e-mail gives you the option of paying online via a secure system or by bank transfer. Please note that surcharges may occur with bank transfers. 
  • When is the security deposit refunded?
    At the restitution of the keys, a survey of the apartment is conducted by a representative from APTinParis. If no damage or deterioration is noted, then the security deposit is refunded to you. If your security deposit was made in cash, it is refunded to you immediately. Should deteriorations or damages be noted during the survey, the cost of repairs will be deducted and the remaining balance (should there be one) will be refunded. The time of refund will depend on the importance of the damages observed.
  • For what reasons would the security deposit be withheld?
    Generally speaking, anything which would not allow you to leave the apartment in the same state in which you entered it:
    • Broken dishes
    • Damaged television of Hi-Fi equipment
    • Damaged furniture
    • Soiled or damaged walls or upholstery
    • Broken mirrors or windows
    • Broken, damaged, or missing artifacts and paintings
    • Stained or broken couch, armchair or chair
    • Flooding or fire
  • What should we do if there is a problem with the apartment?
    Please call us right away. We will do our best to address the problem immediately.
    Should you chose to hire someone to fix an issue, you will be responsible for the financial implications of this service selection. 
  • When must we arrive?
    Our apartment is available every day, year round. However, please note certain rules: 
    • Arrival time is between 2 pm and 8 pm, departure time is between 8 am and 11 am. 
    • A supplement might be applied for arrivals and departures occurring outside these hours, as they might imply premium turn-around and rush service for us to prepare the apartment for the next guests.
  • I do not feel comfortable with online payments. Is there another way to confirm my reservation?
    Yes. You can call us to provide all the reservation information or you can email us a signed reservation form with all the necessary information for payment. A reservation is only confirmed at the reception of the signed reservation form. Bank transfers or cash are also possible.
  • Can friends spend the night?
    They surely can, but for your comfort, the maximum occupancy for this apartment is of four people.
  • Can we organize a party at the apartment?
    As this is a private property, you need to abide by the rules of the building and no loud noises should be tolerated after 10pm. Have fun in the apartment, but please be mindful of your neighbors: they are not on vacation and noise tolerance by Parisians is way lower than in most large cities! 
  • Is it possible to get a price quote without reserving?
    Yes, absolutely. Send us your tentative departure and arrival dates and we will send you a quote. You can view the current availability on the calendar that you will find in the contact page of this website. 
  • Can I cook in the apartment?
    But of course! You are free to cook and even to experiment! The kitchen is small, yet every effort was made to design it as a fully functional and modern kitchen ☺

  • I need a hotel nearby for my friends or family...
    There are MANY hotels in the area. The two closest corresponding to two budget types are:
    A cheap option, 1.5 blocks away: Hotel du Bresil (~90+ euros per night depending on the season)
    A much nicer option across the street from the apartment: Hotel Les Jardins Du Luxembourg (~200+ euros per night, depending on the season) 

  • I have another question, what do I do?
    Just email us and we will get back to you ASAP.

More questions? call us at (+33) (0)6 99 07 85 34 or email info@APTinParis.com 
We are always glad to help!